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To help ensure the proper operation, safety and performance of your vehicle, you should take advantage of this service every 48,000 Km or 24 months-or upon purchasing any used vehicle with an unknown service history.

Our technicians will:

Perform 6,000 Km Maintenance Service and 24,000 Km Annual Maintenance Service, plus:

  • Flush and replace:
    • Cooling fluid
    • Transmission fluid and filter
    • Differential lubricant
    • Hydraulic brake fluid
    • Hydraulic power steering fluid
    • Transfer case lubricant (4X4)
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Inspect and replace (if necessary) spark plugs
  • Performance test heating and air conditioning systems
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Inspect gas fume collection system
  • Inspect clutch system
  • Compliance check airbag system and seatbelt retractors
  • Read computer codes
  • Replace PCV valve

Call Us: 905-507-3999